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1. Question: Is custom cabinetry more expensive than pre-fab? Answer: As a matter of fact, custom cabinetry is very competitive with pre-fab cabinets. Usually, the base price for custom work is more expensive, but the homeowner must consider the following factors: The quality of the product is far superior and adds true value to the home. Also, our cabinets are designed, built, finished and installed by our own professionals and the aesthetic appeal is something we pride ourselves on. Considering these things, Dolphin Custom Cabinets is a true leader and willing to turn your cabinetry dreams into reality!

2. Question: Do you work with my existing cabinetry? Answer: Unfortunately, Dolphin Custom Cabinets doesn't add to or modify existing cabinetry for various reasons. Often times, it's not possible to match a manufacturer's profile design. Also, wood darkens from exposure to UV light as it ages which makes a match very difficult.

3. Question: How do you compare to "Big Box Stores"? Answer: Quality and design wise, Dolphin Custom Cabinets is far superior to your cabinetry at the "Big Box Stores". We are a custom shop and not a mass production company. Our product is handcrafted right here in the USA.

4. Question: What does a remodel usually consist of? In other words, what is the typical process? Answer: The first thing to accomplish in a remodel is to get a visual layout of the room(s). From this, we design according to your wishes including wood type, cabinetry dimensions, stain color, moldings and accessories (i.e. handles, drawer slides, etc.). During this process, we provide any insight and can answer questions that arise. Once all the decisions have been made, a final price can be concluded. In the future, any modification can result in an increase or decrease in price.

5. Question: Is there a fee for consultations and or measurements? Answer: For a typical remodel or modest size home within a 25 mile radius, the answer is no. If we travel over 25 miles one way to design and measure, there is a $75 fee charged at the time of service. But, this is credited to the clients account if the bid is awarded to our company.

6. Question: Do you build white cabinetry? Answer: Yes, we use pigmented stain with many color choices.

7. Question: Is there a difference in price between different species of woods? Answer: Yes, different species vary in price. Market conditions may vary over time but the typical order from lowest to highest is as follows: Ash, Oak, Birch, Maple, Hickory, Alder, Quarter Sawn Oak, Cherry, Walnut, Mahogany.

If you have further questions, please call us at 1-563-556-6881. We look forward to the opportunity of creating something just for you!
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